Mineral Resource Management

Global Minerals Engineering provides the following services to mineral real estate and mineral resource owners:

  • Marketing  Mineral Real Estate & Mineral Resources
  • Mineral Lease & Mineral Resource Sale & Negotiation
  • Mineral Lease Management
  • Monitor Exploration & Mining Activity, including Exploration Drilling, Ore Production, and Test Ore Weighing Devices
  • Verify Royalty Payments
  • Develop Real Estate & Mineral Resource Databases, Estimates & Maps (ArcGIS)
  • Evaluation of Mineral Potential
  • Delineation & Estimation of Mineral Resources
  • Valuation of Mineral Real Estate & Mineral Resources
Iron Nuggets - ITmk3® - Kobe Steel
Blasthole Drilling
Iron Ore Mining
Taconite Mining
Porphyry Copper Mining
Exploration Drilling