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    Past Presentations


    • Cut Out the Copper
      Eger, Paul., Jones, Peggy ., Green, Doug . (2018, June), Stormwater Solutions
    • Cut Out the Copper
      (2018, February), industrial Water and Wastes
    • Removing Trace Metals from Stormwater at an Industrial Hard Chrome Plating Facility
      (2017, September), pp. 38-43, Stormwater Magazine
    • Solving Mine Drainage Water Issues with Peat-based Sorption Media
      Eger, P., Jones, P., Green, D. (2016, February), Mining Engineering
    • Solving mine water problems with peat-based sorption media
      Eger, P., Jones, P., Green, D. (2015, August), Proceedings Tenth International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage
    • Treating high flow discharges with a modular peat-based sorption media system
      Eger, P., Jones, P., Green, D. (2015, April), Proceedings of Mine Water Solutions in Extreme Environments, ISBN: 978-0-9917905-7-9
    • From BS to BMP- Using Biosolids for Taconite Tailings Reclamation
      Eger, P., Lincoln, C., McMillen, T., Hamel, K., Dykhuis, K., Maxwell, C., Takala, J. (2013, October), Fall Month). Reclamation Matters.
    • Constructed Wetland Treatment Systems for Mine Drainage– Can They Really Provide Green and Sustainable Solutions?
      (2013, August), International Mine Water Conference
    • Peat-based sorption media; A new approach for removing heavy metals from stormwater
      Eger, P., Green, D., Wagner, D. (2012, October)
    • Controlling metal and acid release by reclaiming tailings as wetlands
      Eger, P., Kellogg, C. (2012, May), Procedings Ninth International Conference on Acid Rock Drainage
    • Removing suspended metals with a fine grained ceramic filter media
      Eger, P. (2011, June), Procedings 27th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Mining and Reclamation

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