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Iron Ore, Magnetic Taconite (Magnetite) & Metallic Iron

The Global Minerals Engineering "Iron Team" provides geologic, mining, mineral processing, environmental engineering and many other technical services for iron ore mining, including magnetite.

Specific to iron ore, including magnetic taconite (magnetite) and metallic iron, the Global Minerals Engineering "Iron Team" has extensive experience in:

  • Geology
  • Geophysics
  • GIS
  • Mine Planning
  • Mining Engineering
  • Mineral Processing & Metallurgy
  • Procurement
  • Construction Management
  • Project Startup
  • Commercial Operation
  • Operational Troubleshooting
  • Marketing Mineral & Metal Products, Mineral Resources & Projects
  • Product Transportation
  • Tailings Disposal
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Mineral Resource Management
  • Application of New Technologies
  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Waste and Water Management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Project Closure
  • Mineland Reclamation

Global Minerals Engineering team of geologists and engineers have extensive experience in the geology, mining, mineral processing, value-added iron products technology, resource management, construction management, startup, commercial operation, product transportation and marketing, tailings disposal and mineland reclamation of iron ore, magnetic taconite (magnetite) and metallic iron projects. The experience of the Global Minerals Engineering "Iron Team" includes:

Geology & Grade Control

Exploration (geology, geophysics & drilling); core logging; magnetic susceptibility; Davis Tube; chemical analysis; Satmagan, ore microscopy for mineral processing; ore blending; down-the-blasthole magnetics for ore grading and process control.

Mine Engineering

Mineral resource delineation, estimation and statistical analysis; open pit and underground mine design; mine planning and optimization; mine equipment selection and procurement; drilling and blasting; stripping; environmental compliance; mineland reclamation.

Concentrator/Mineral Process Engineering

Iron Ore (Weakly Magnetic)

Pilot plant testing; crushing; screening & washing; jigging; heavy media separation; spirals; flotation; high-intensity magnetic separation (WHIMS); thickeners; vacuum filtering; tailings disposal.


Crushing; dry magnetic cobbing; dry grinding; wet grinding (autogenous & semi-autogenous) ; cyclones; hydroseparators; screens; low intensity magnetic separation (LIMS); flotation; thickeners; vacuum filtering; tailings disposal.

Pellet Plant Engineering

Balling (drum & disk), including flux stone additives (limestone & dolomite); induration (shaft, grate-kiln and straight grate furnaces); pellet stockpiling and loading to train or boat.

Direct Reduced Iron & Iron Nuggets Engineering

In conjunction with technology providers of coal and natural gas based direct reduction processes, Global Minerals Engineering provides engineering for all commercial technologies.

Mine, Concentrator, Pellet Plant, Other Value-Added Plants & Steel Mill, Procurement, Construction Management, Startup & Operational Troubleshooting

Procurement; construction management; startup; personnel selection and staffing; union contract negotiations; production scheduling; develop maintenance functions, facilitate safety program; and operational troubleshooting.

Environmental & Reclamation

Global Minerals Engineering is a leader in working with environmental issues related to iron ore and taconite mining, including waste characterization, waste and water management, water treatment, environmental compliance, and the development of a new best management practice for cost effective reclamation of coarse taconite tailings, project closure and mineland reclamation.

Product Marketing

Global Minerals Engineering team can market iron ore, iron ore pellets, direct reduced iron, iron nuggets and steel internationally, including development of sales contracts and management of logistics.

Work Experience - Résumé

Please contact us for a list of companies, projects and technologies we've worked with/on, including work experiences, specific to the iron ore industry.

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