Peat sorption media- successful treatment of mine drainage but how does it really work? Featured

Peat sortion media has successfully removed both dissolved and suspended metals from mine drainge. Dissolved metal removal from mine drainage has exceeded 90% and five different removal mechanisms have been identified. The media has also successfully removed seventy to eighty percent of finely suspended copper and aluminum from mine drainage, but the exact mechanisms for suspended metals are not well known.

Since the media has a size distribution simiar to fine sand, some physical filtration would be expected. Sand filters generally remove particles in the 10-20 micron range but the peat media appears to remove particles down to about 3-5 microns. Over 90% of dissolved metals are retained on the media in extraction tests indicating that the metals are covalently bonded. Similar strong bonding has been observed with particulate metals. At one site the media successfully removed particulate chromium. Since chromium is a RCRA metal, TCLP tests were needed prior to media disposable. Over 99% of the chromium remained on the media suggesting that removal is not simple filtration. Possible mechanisms include microbial interaction or chemical bonding of the particulate.

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  • Presentation Date February 26, 2019
  • Event 2019 SME Annual Conference & Expo
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