2014-04 Successful Non-ferrous Mining—Promise or Reality?

Presented at the 2014 Society of Mining Engineering;
Minnesota Section Annual Meeting, April 2014 Duluth MN

Successful Non-ferrous Mining—Promise or Reality?

Paul Eger, Global Minerals Engineering
Frank Ongaro, Mining Minnesota

Horror stories from historic metal mines are easy to find – but are there any examples of successful mining operations?  Can we really have jobs and environmental protection? Newer mining operations have successfully operated and closed and current operations have developed relationships with the community that minimizes confrontation. Examples of successful mines including the Flambeau Mine in Wisconsin, the Ridgeway Mine in South Carolina and Stillwater Mines in Montana were selected from a larger initial list and their operations reviewed in detail. Factors that contributed to the success of these operations included: a commitment to environmental protection, good working relationships with regulatory agencies, an open and active community outreach program, persistence and a willingness to go above and beyond to solve problems, an adaptive management approach, and long term post closure monitoring.

Additional Info

  • Presentation Date April 22, 2014
  • Event Duluth SME Conference. Society for Mining
  • Venue Metalurgy and Exploration (SME), Duluth, Minnesota
  • Presenter(s) Eger, P, Ongaro, F