Use of a Dispersed Alkaline Substrate and Limestone Beds to Treat Acid Mine Drainage at Soudan Mine, Minnesota

Kristin Dieterman, Winona State University 
Candace Kairies-Beatty, Winona State University
Paul Eger, Global Minerals Engineering

Although the Soudan Mine treats their entire discharge with a conventional ion exchange system, two smaller flows within the mine contribute 80 - 90% of the overall metals. If these waters could be treated individually, expensive surface treatment might be avoided. A limestone dispersed alkaline substrate (DAS) followed by a limestone bed was successful in increasing pH from 2.5 to around 7 and removing over 99% of the iron, aluminum and copper. The bed operated successfully for about a year without plugging. Unfortunately, the limestone beds were not effective in removing either manganese or cobalt.

Additional Info

  • Presentation Date April 12, 2016
  • Event 2016 Duluth SME Conference
  • Venue Duluth, Minnesota
  • Presenter(s) Dieterman, K, Kairies-Beatty, C, Eger, P