2017-02 Peat Based Sorption Media; A New Method for Treating Mine Drainage

Paul Eger, Global Minerals Engineering LLC, Hibbing, MN
Peggy Jones, Doug Green, American Peat Technology, Aitkin, MN
Igor Kolomitsyn Natural Resources Research Institute, Duluth MN

Mine water often contains trace metals that must be removed prior to discharge. Conventional treatment technologies are labor intensive and expensive. Peat-based sorption material can be a less expensive alternative and is easily deployed in either “semi-active” or passive treatment designs.  The media is a hardened granular material produced from reed sedge peat, with a hydraulic conductivity of around 1 cm/sec and metal removal capacities ranging from 1 -15% dry weight.  The media has been used successfully to remove copper, aluminum, lead, zinc and cadmium from mine water.  Treatment efficiencies range from 75% for fine particulate metal to over 90% for dissolved metals.

Additional Info

  • Presentation Date February 19, 2017
  • Event 2017 SME Annual Conference & Expo
  • Venue Denver, Colorado
  • Presenter(s) Eger, P, Jones, P, Green, D, Kolomitsyn, I